Bubbaroo Sleep Bag Review and Giveaway

Last week we received a box of goodies from the lovely people at Bubbaroo. We have been trying out their beautiful range of Joey Swag Platinum sleep bags. And we’re impressed.

I’m hoping that they have a magical ‘sleep all night’ setting. But that may be asking a little bit too much….

The bags are beautiful. They feel a little bit extra special from the start. Packaged up in a lovely gift box and tied with a bow.These would make a really special baby gift.

Why we love the Bubbaroo sleep bags:

• The bags are made from 100% breathable natural fibres. They feel so soft and cosy and are perfect for soft, baby skin.

• They come in a beautiful range of muted colours for a minimalist and elegant look. They fit in really well with the grey and cream palette In the twins’ nursery.

• I love that they are filled with 100% wool and are still machine washable.

• The sleep bags are a fantastic length. My boys have a Daddy who is 6’5 and their legs are already growing at a rapid rate so these bags are perfect and will hopefully last them a long time.

• You can buy matching Bubbaroo sleep toys. These are beautiful little joeys, all wrapped up in their own sleep bags. These have been a big hit with the boys.

• The zips down the centre of the bags are sturdy and easy to do up (even in the dark!)

• I absolutely love the clever travel system incorporated in the bags. There is an opening at the back of the bags so that you can use them with car seat / buggy harnesses. This will be perfect for evenings out when we need to try and successfully transfer two sleeping babies from the car to their cots. Not an easy task!

• The bags come in 3 tog ratings so you can choose what’s best for your home. We have been trying the 2.5 tog rating which will probably be fine all year round in Northern Ireland.

I always try and point out any product niggles that I can find but on this occasion, there isn’t anything that’s really jumping out.

So all in all, we’re really pleased with our new Bubbaroo sleep bags and can well and truly give them the twin mum stamp of approval!

Here’s your chance to win a Bubbaroo Sleep bag and a Joey toy: 


I have a beautiful sleeping bag (6-18 months) and joey toy to giveaway – just click below to enter. Good luck!  

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*Please note, these products were gifted to us by Bubbaroo for the purposes of this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Down on the Farm

After an awful lot of cold, wet and mushy weather, we have just enjoyed a weekend of wall to wall blue sky and sunshine. It’s been chilly but beautiful. As the boys napped on Saturday morning, we planned an afternoon out to make the most of the beautiful weather.

Most of our Saturday afternoons of late have tended to follow the same formula. It’s a pretty good formula. A nice walk followed by a coffee, sticky buns and twin bottles in a cosy coffee house. We love it. And so long as they get their bottle on time, the boys love nothing more than nosey-ing at all the goings-on in a busy coffee shop.

This weekend we decided we’d try our hand at a proper, baby-day out. So we decided to head to a little family-run open farm. So at the ripe old age of 13 months, we have now acquainted the twins with some real-life farm-yard animals. There were lots of smiles and appreciative noises and I think they enjoyed their first trip to the farm!

In a few weeks time, their Granda C will be in the full swing of his annual stint as a midwife as his flock start lambing. So there will be plenty more opportunities to get up close with nature. I’m looking forward to it anyway!

Here’s a few snaps from our little farmyard trip.

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Our First Birthday Photo Album

Better late than never. I just realised I never actually posted one of the most significant episodes in ‘Our Big Firsts’ series. Our big (not so much) first birthday! It is a tad late..

It also nearly didn’t happen. We have been contending with a lot of snot, chesty coughs and puke for what seems like forever. The boys just seem to pick up one bug after the next. I can’t wait for spring and summer. Hopefully the warmer air will help put all these colds to bed once and for all. But their birthday week was particularly bad. They were sick, I had the cold and Mr C was getting over a nasty flu. It wasn’t good timing. But we ploughed on!

I’m a firm believer in keeping birthday parties as small as possible, for as long as possible! So we just planned a lovely little afternoon tea with our families. I’m not sure how long we’ll get away with this but I don’t intend to hire out the local leisure centre anytime soon!

We feasted on delicate sandwiches, mini chocolate and raspberry scones, birthday cake and yummy malteaser buns. Not to forget the rose and prosecco bellinis for the adults! We weren’t simply celebrating the birthday of our beautiful miracle boys. We were also rejoicing that we had survived this far. We survived our first year as new parents with baby twins! We are super heroes!

Despite the sleepless nights and snot, we had a lovely afternoon and a lovely birthday week with the joys. With lots of present opening, silly party games and the obligatory birthday tea!

Here’s a few snaps from their 1st Birthday week.



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Mission Healthy Mum –  Week 6 

So it’s six weeks into my no-diet healthy lifestyle. And drum-roll please….. I’ve lost a grand total of 9lbs.  

I’m not going to be disappearing through the grating just yet (!) and it’s not super rapid weightloss. BUT I’m not on a diet. I’m not counting calories. I’m not working out how many points/syns are in every morsel of food I eat. I’m just making healthier choices, eating when I’m hungry and avoiding snacks when I’m not. And I am losing weight. This feels like a good equation.  

We’ve had a few beautiful days recently which has helped up my activity levels. Frosty and calm with glorious blue skies and sunshine. It feels like Spring is on its way and I can’t wait! It’s so much more tempting to head out for big long walks when you know that you’re not going to be wet and mushy after 10 minutes. I get plenty of walking in everyday when I’m looking after the boys but we don’t tend to do quite so much on winter weekends. So as Spring approaches, I’m looking forward to some more active weekends and hopefully a few beautiful beach walks.  

My SlimPod Journey 

Quick reminder – I’m testing the SlimPod Gold Programme from Thinking Slimmer. It’s a 9 minute podcast which you listen to every day – it uses unconscious persuasion to help change the way you think about yourself and what you eat. Thinking Slimmer say this about the SlimPod:  

“Day by day it retrains your brain so you instinctively make healthier choices, want to eat less and move more – perfect for lasting weight loss.”

I’ve now been listening to the SlimPod every evening for 6 weeks. It’s so hard to quantify what effect it’s having on my healthy living intentions. Am I making healthier choices because I’ve made up my mind to do it? Or because my thinking pattern is being influenced unconsciously by the SlimPod? It’s impossible to know. My husband remains sceptical.  

I am still undecided. What I do know is: 

• I’m losing weight but I’m not dieting  

• I feel positive that I can and will continue to do so

• I find the SlimPod and the complementary ChillPod and FitPod very relaxing to listen to

I should also add. Despite Mr C’s scepticism, he is still listening and he has lost 5lbs!  

This is no quick-fix solution. The challenge for me is to keep living healthily. (With the odd blip.) And more importantly, not to not be seduced by the next super-dooper faddy diet that I read about.  

No more weighing for me for another 6 weeks. But I’ll be back then to update on my progress!  

I’m going to be using the hashtag #missionhealthymum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to track my progress, so come join me if you are also on a mission to lose the mummy tummy in 2016.

**I have been given complementary access to the SlimPod programme from Thinking Slimmer. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This blog posts contains affiliate links to Thinking Slimmer Products. This means that If you buy a product through this link, I get paid a commission but the product does not cost you any more**

Surviving your first year with twins!

The key word here is survive. The first year isn’t going to be easy. There’ll be bucketloads of lovely moments with your babies but there will also be a heck of a lot of sleepless nights, tears and enough dirty washing to cover a small country. You don’t have to be super-mum, you just need to make it through!  

1. Organise as much extra help as possible for the early days. My mum, sisters, best friends, aunties and cousins were life-savers in those first few months.

2. If someone offers to bring you food, do the washing or clean your bathroom, accept with pleasure.

3. The first day that you have two babies to look after on your own will be terrifying. It will be. But you will get through it and you might even enjoy some of it!

4. Make sure you have adequate supplies of tea, coffee and chocolate. If you manage to get the twins to nap together, you absolutely must take a break. This is mandatory. Especially when you spend half the night pacing the floorboards with a baby on your shoulder.

5. You only have two arms. Sometimes you just can’t keep both babies happy at once. A few tears are inevitable and you absolutely can’t feel guilty about that. Although you probably will.

6. The guilt that comes with being a twin mum sucks. Get over it as soon as you possibly can. I’m still working on this one. And failing miserably. Every time I pick one of them up, the other one looks up at me with gorgeous big puppy dog eyes that say “remember me? I want a cuddle too..” It’s a minefield.

7. The only sort of visitors that are welcome for the first 6 months, are the sort that bring the dinner with them and offer to do a few loads of washing! Don’t feel like you need to be the hostess. You have two babies to look after. That’s enough.

8. Invest in a baby-gym. Preferably one with music and lights. You need something to occupy one baby whilst you feed/change/calm the other one! We have the Fisher Price Jungle play mat and at 13 months, the twins are still loving it.

9. Invest in a good twin pram that you are comfortable pushing. Sometimes the best way to deal with two upset babies on your own is to pop them in the pram and go for a walk. You can read my review of the Uppababy Vista 2015 here.

10. Invest in a changing table for the room you spend most of your time in. I have a changing station in our kitchen/living area with everything I need to hand – nappies, wipes, clothes, bibs, muslins etc. This is a life-saver in vomit/poo crisis times!

11. Organisation is essential. Spend a few minutes every day organising yourself – restock the changing table, put away freshly washed baby clothes and make sure all your feeding equipment is ready to go.

12. Work out a routine that works for you and the babies and stick to it. You can read my post on establishing a routine with twins here. This is a game changer. Having an hour in the morning whilst they nap is bliss!

13. Fill your freezer with home-made tasty food that you just have to heat up. Otherwise you will resort to toast and takeaways for sustenance.

14. If you are bottle-feeding or combi- feeding, buy a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. This is one of the best baby purchases we have made. It’s so easy to use and removes all the faff of boiling water and waiting for 30 mins for it to cool. You can read my review here if you are thinking about buying one.

15. Start doing your grocery shopping online! Bulk ordering all the nappies, milk etc and having them delivered to your door saves so much time.

16. Know your limits. I find that it takes pretty much all my energy to simply look after the babies and do all the basic jobs to keep the house ticking over. This probably isn’t the best time to stick into redecorating or landscaping your garden.

17. Once you have built up a bit of confidence looking after the babies on your own, consider joining a mums and tots group. This feels like a serious undertaking with two babies but it’s great to get out of the house and get some adult conversation!

18. If at all possible, get yourself a tumble-drier. Especially, if you have vomity babies, like we do!

19. Get to know some other twin mums. It’s great to chat with someone else who properly understands what it’s like to have two babies at once. Someone who understands double night feeds, weaning in stereo and having to work out how to carry two babies at once. Sometimes you just need a good moan and its better with someone who gets it.

20. Enjoy as much of it as you possibly can! Our boys are almost 13 months now and looking after their every need is blooming hard work. But it’s so much fun.

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Mini Raspberry and White Chocolate Scones

I love yummy home-made scones. The perfect scone should be nicely golden, with a nice bite and a lovely soft, light middle. The addition of raspberries and white chocolate is rather decadent. And perfect with a morning coffee.  

I made these as miniatures as I was serving them as part of an afternoon tea. But they work equally well as proper sized scones. You’ll just need to cook them for a bit longer.

I usually double this recipe as these freeze really really well. And you can just pop them in a hot oven for 5 mins before you serve them up again.



230g self-raising soda bread flour

60g butter, softened and cut into small cubes

60g caster sugar

145ml buttermilk

Handful of frozen raspberries, crumbled into small pieces

75g white chocolate, chopped into small pieces


• Pre-heat the oven to 200 Degrees Celsius

• Sieve the flour to get it all nicely full of air

• Use your fingers to rub the butter into the flour – the mixture should look like breadcrumbs

• Stir in the sugar

• Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour in the buttermilk

• Stir in the milk and mix the dough

• Transfer the soft dough to a floured surface and roll out

• Sprinkle the raspberries and white chocolate over the dough

• Fold the dough in two and lightly roll to about 4cm thick

• Cut out small rounds and place on a lightly flour- dusted baking tray

• Pop in the oven and bake until golden brown. This will probably take about 20 minutes for mini scones and 30 minutes for larger scones

• Cool on a wire rack or enjoy warm with butter, jam and maybe even as little cream

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Occupation: Full-time Mum

The P45 has landed. It’s official. I’m no longer on maternity leave. I’m a full-time twin mum.

I’ve now been at home (or in hospital) looking after the boys for a year now. So my change in employment status doesn’t really mean any great change in my day to day life. Except it does. It hit me at the weekend when I filled in a jury duty form and I had to choose my occupation. There was no option for full time mum. I was simply designated unemployed. Unemployed?! I’ve never felt more fully employed in every aspect of my life!!! I just don’t get a pay cheque. This really annoyed me. Cue letter-based rant to government.

It’s a bit of a scary place to be for someone who has had a job since they were 14. Really. I can’t remember anytime since then, that I didn’t have a paying job. Through school, I had a part-time job in a grocery shop that was within spitting distance of our front door and then I moved to a job in a chemists shop in the centre of town.

I had lots of different jobs whilst at university, the worst being a summer job in a commercial laundry for the local hospital. Sorting out soiled linen at 7am is not fun. Yuck. Thankfully I graduated pretty quickly to folding clean towels! The absolute best was the job I landed whilst in 2nd year at Edinburgh University. I worked every summer as an activity coordinator for foreign students attending the language school. Lots of good memories. Pointing out haggis (!) in the fields as we drove though the Highlands, me doing the tour guide thing at the front of the coach. Tours around historic Edinburgh pubs and not least being taught to salsa at 1am by a contingent of Spanish fishmongers!

For the last ten years, I have worked in Human Resources in the Financial Services Industry, building a career and working with people who will remain firm friends. It took me a long time to find my niche. A long time to find something that I enjoyed. But I truly did enjoy the last four years. The work was challenging. I was well out of my comfort zone. But I learned so much. Probably the biggest lesson for me was the realisation that I need to be challenged, I need to feel a bit of pressure in order to really thrive and actively enjoy my job. I just wish I’d realised that sooner.

I had a bit of a hasty exit from work. If you’ve read any of my twin pregnancy posts you’ll know the story. In a nutshell, I only found out I was expecting twins at 21 weeks and almost immediately we found out they were very ill and required in-utero laser surgery in London. Two days later, I had an operation on my placenta and I was signed off work for the remainder of my pregnancy. The boys arrived 10 weeks early and spent 5 and 13 weeks in hospital. A year on, my maternity leave is over and I’ve made the decision not to return to work.

It’s not been a decision that Mr C and I have taken lightly. We’re halving our family income. After building a lifestyle and buying a house on the strength of two salaries, it’s no small feat to work out how to get by with a 50% cut. But we’ll manage. A lot of our pre-baby expenses have just vanished! We sold my car as we simply didn’t fit in it s s replaced it with a pram of approximately equal value!! Evenings out are few and far between and after one attempt at a spa break with two babies in toe, it’s unlikely that we’ll do that again any time soon. We can live without these things for a year or two. This is not a forever scenario.

I want to spend as much time as possible with my baby boys. We had a really hard start to first time parenthood with a long stretch in hospital and now I really want to savour this time when they need me and want me to be close. The days fly by so quickly and I don’t want to miss any of it. Thankfully, the economics of this decision make complete sense. The cost of nursery places for two babies is extortionate and it means that financially I’d be bringing home very little if I did go back to work at the minute.

But it is a big change. There have been days when I’ve wondered if I can do it. If I can spend another day cleaning up after numerous vomits and re-starting what seems like an endless cycle of laundry. Days when I’m tired and cranky after very little sleep but still faced with all the tasks that need done every day. The basics of dressing, bottles, spoon-feeds, nappy changes and baths for two babies are enough to fill the day. Especially when it can take two hours or more to settle them to sleep. But everything else still needs done. Clothes need washed, shopping needs done, food needs to be prepared. It’s an unrelenting cycle.

But then when I’m sitting down by the fire, reading books with my babies cuddled in and watching my little boys learn to play with each other, I know how special this time is. When we head out in the afternoon for a frosty walk and I watch their big eyes, taking in everything as we walk along, wide –eyed with anticipation – it’s these times that I know that I’m doing the right thing.

I do have moments though when I worry about what’s next. What I’ll do when the boys go to school. About the reality of trying to break back into the world of work after a complete break for a few years. But for now, I know that this is the right decision. I’ll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. So for now it’s occupation full time mum.

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The Best Chocolatey Crispy Buns (Ever)

We had some afternoon tea style 1st birthday celebrations for the boys at the weekend. We feasted on delicate sandwiches, miniature raspberry and white chocolate scones and rose bellinis (adults only!). But no first birthday party would be complete without the humble crispy bun.

Forget the crispy buns of days gone by made with waxy cooking chocolate. These are gooey, nougaty, chocolately delights.  

They are moreishly delicious and really really really easy. Too easy. Here goes.



 6 standard (65g) Mars Bars  
200g Butter

200g Rice Crispies

250g Milk Chocolate

• Break up the milk chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl, over a saucepan of boiling water. Turn off the heat source and let it melt slowly. This means it won’t burn and you can get on with the bun making

• Chop up the Mars Bars and melt slowly in a heavy based saucepan, with the butter (you should stand and stir this mixture as it melts, it can burn quite easily and burnt Mars Bar doesn’t make for good buns!)

• Add the Rice Crispies and coat with the Mars Bar and butter mixture

• Press into a 20cm x 20cm tin ( If you want the buns to be less thick, you can use a 20cm x 30cm tin

• Cover with your now melted chocolate

• Let them set for 4-5 hours (not in the fridge) and then cut into chunks

Please hold back on judging my credentials as a proper foodie for posting a recipe for chocolate crispy buns until you taste these. 
**This recipe comes with a health warning. Only attempt these bad boys if you have a crowd to feed. You may otherwise consume an inordinate amount of calories**

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Taming the Mess [Guest Blog]

This week, I’ve got another guest blogger –my sister, Katherine, who I don’t see quite often enough as she lives on the [wrong] side of the Irish Sea with her lovely little family. She’s been doing the mum thing for quite a lot longer than me and is sharing some tips on how to tame the unending mess that little people are far too capable of making. Over to K. 

I’ve got two great children – a four year old boy and a two year old girl. Sometime this year something happened. I no longer had a toddler and a baby but a mischievous boy and a very willing accomplice.  
The transition from babies to children has been somewhat of a shock to me but definitely not to them…they often seem to be five steps ahead! What follows are a few of my plans to try to tame the mess and bring back some sanity! (Note: ‘plans’) 

One thing I love about my children is their desire to be helpful. Yes ‘helpful’.  
From rolling the toilet roll back up after it all ‘fell down’ to distributing all the scrabble pieces very generously between all the shoes in the house. It’s little acts of helpfulness like this that just keep us all ticking over so calmly. If you’re anything like me, mess does not equal happiness. 

I’ve been trying to think about how to let the children have space to play and learn whilst also allowing me to have space to think. Here’s some things I’ve found helpful. These may be completely obvious to you but if not, feel free to try them!  

• Always get the children dressed in their room. Put pyjamas back under their pillow and not lurking around the house for someone to inadvertently pop into the laundry basket after being worn only once.

• Find a way to organise their clothes that works for you. I’ve found the IKEA Trofast storage units to be excellent for storing children’s clothes. They are easy to pull out/in and are at child height so your child can learn to dress themselves. My four year old can mostly choose his clothes and dress himself (a somewhat mixed blessing!) and my two year old can find her bibs and socks easily. 

• Invest in stackable boxes that you can sort and store toys in. We keep most of ours in a cupboard and bring out a few boxes at a time.There’s nothing less appealing than a mishmash of odd and broken toys. Have a separate open boxes for odds and ends and odd shaped toys. 

• Get the kids to help. Our kids watch TV before dinner and I’m beginning to try and do a tidy up with them before the TV goes on. Admittedly some days it’s easiest to just wait until the kids are in bed but recently I’ve decided I need to up my game in getting them to help out and take more responsibility.

No tipping out. NO TIPPING OUT. N.T.O. for acronym lovers. It took me a while to discover this one. I think it became dear to my heart when we became the proud owners of little lego. The no tipping rule covers endless scenarios from cereal to bath water. My son discovered our wire bin to be a great step ladder when tipped out and turned upside down. Hello old tissues and used cotton buds. N. T. O!! 

• Get up before the kids. This is the hardest one for me as I love my cosy covers. On the days my house is a mess and the children have built a Leaning Tower of Pisa to the marshmallow cupboard, (and are under the kitchen table eating their second bag for breakfast) I usually know what the problem is – I didn’t get up early enough and help everyone start the day well. 

These are some of the lessons I’ve learnt in the last few months and I’m hoping I can put some of them into practice more often.

However while all of these are good ideas, some days you just need to embrace the jigsaw pieces, the many raisins and the play-doh stuck to your eyebrows, lie down on the floor and give everyone a good tickle!

Mission Healthy Mum – 3 Week Update

It’s Day 21 of Mission Healthy Mum. 3 weeks into my mission to adopt a healthier lifestyle and I’m actively enjoying it. I really am! I’ve been eating well (read – substantially less) and getting out walking a lot. 

It’s hard to break habits that have been formed over decades but I’m really trying to avoid getting into the ‘I’m on a diet’ mentality. Because for me that means there’s an end point or the odd ‘bad’ day. And those are catastrophic to my waistline. So I haven’t been cutting out all treats – I’ve had the odd slice of left-over Christmas Cake, chocolate biscuit or glass of wine. I think the fact that I know I can have something nice if I really want it, probably means that I don’t necessarily want it quite so much. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Ironically, I think I’ve eaten less in the last three weeks compared to weeks in the past where I’ve been on a calorie counting diet plan (Slimming World or Weight Watchers.) I think that’s mainly because I know that I can have whatever I want, if I’m hungry. But also because I’m not obsessing about every morsel that goes in my mouth, writing it down and counting syns or points.

Usually by now I would have jumped on the scales to see if I’ve managed to lose a few pounds. This time however, I’m avoiding the scales for the first 6 weeks. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was trying out the SlimPod from Thinking Slimmer . As part of the SlimPod programme, they encourage you not to be constantly weighing and measuring but rather to measure your success by your clothes getting looser. The logic being that we often get depressed if the scales don’t show a large enough loss which can be enough to thwart our efforts to be healthy. Or for others, a big weight loss can be an excuse to eat as a reward.

I can’t say I’ve not be tempted to weigh but I’ve avoided it so far. I think not jumping on the scales all the time is also helping me to shake the diet mentality.


So, when push comes to shove, am I any healthier now than I was 3 weeks ago?

I think so. I’m certainly not going to go out and run a marathon (I don’t ever aspire to do that!) But I do feel like all the healthy eating and exercise has given me a bit of an energy boost. Unfortunately this seems to be wane at about 7pm when a long night of baby settling to bed is staring me in the face!

Compared to my Day 1 measurements, I have shrunk by 22.5 cm or 8.5 inches in total. Of that 22.5cm, I was quite pleased that I had 10cm off my waist. Although these measurements aren’t exactly that scientific – it’s hard to tell exactly where I measured previously. I haven’t noticed a massive loosening in my clothes but they definitely aren’t pinching like they were after Christmas.

SlimPod – is it helping me with my healthy aspirations?  

I have to be honest. The first time I lay down on the sofa, got comfy and started listening to the SlimPod I felt a bit silly. Listening intently to some bloke tell me things that I already know. I’m also prone to a healthy dose of cynicism so I was listening carefully to every word, analysing the content for anything a bit strange. It seems too easy – spend 9 minutes a day listening to a recording and magically get slimmer. Things that seem too good to be true, generally are.

I’m only 3 weeks in and I’m not going to say unequivocally that this is a game changer when it comes to getting healthy and shedding some pounds. I’m going to keeping ‘podding’ along and let the results speak for themselves. Here comes the but.

But, I think there are differences with my experience of the last 3 weeks compared to any previous attempt to diet:

• I haven’t felt like I’m stuck on a boring diet, living for the next treat

• I’ve enjoyed the odd piece of cake etc without thinking that I’d ruined my attempt at a healthy lifestyle and therefore writing the whole day off as a ‘bad’ day

• I genuinely haven’t been as taken up with food in general

• I’ve made myself cups of tea/coffee without having a snack (this is unheard of for me!)

Whether these are as a result of my deliberate intention to get healthy without being on a diet or whether it’s as a result of listening to the SlimPod, I honestly don’t know. But one thing for sure, I’m not going to stop listening anytime soon!

How is Mr C getting along with his get-healthy mission?

He is plodding along with the slimpods and is as yet uncommittal about what he thinks. But he has lost 8cm, so he’s happy to keep going. He’s a busy busy bee at the minute so has promised a proper update in 3 weeks time when he hits the scales.

I’ll be back in 3 weeks time with my next update!

I’m going to be using the hashtag #missionhealthymum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to track my progress, so come join me if you are also on a mission to lose the mummy tummy in 2016.

**I have been given complementary access to the SlimPod programme from Thinking Slimmer. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This blog posts contains affiliate links to Thinking Slimmer Products. This means that If you buy a product through this link, I get paid a commission but the product does not cost you any more**

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