About Me



Thirty something newbie mum to two beautiful identical twin boys. Wife to the lovely Mr C. Nine months into an extreme lifestyle change from HR Consultant to full time mum to two little men. After a very rocky start to parenthood with two very tiny, very early babies, our little family are trying to work out what our new normal is! This blog is basically a collection of my witterings on the wonderful chaos that is life with baby twins. Mr C may also drop by with some ‘told by dad’ guest posts.

I love good food so you’ll probably see the odd recipe popping up here – though the twins are keeping me rather busy right now so I may start with baby food as that’s all I seem to make at the minute!

I was a bit of travel addict until the boys came along – always loved the opportunity to buy a new Rough Guide to some far flung destination. Our challenge now is to find budget friendly, baby friendly getaways. Right now, I’m thinking holidaying 40miles up the road at the Grandparents may be the best idea! I’m still not convinced that a holiday will ever really be a true holiday again – we’ll just be moving the chaos to a new location!

Perhaps as a result of my love of good food and tinkering in the kitchen, I’m generally thinking of the next best way to lose my mummy tummy (and the rest.) So you can also expect some chat about weight loss or the lack thereof.

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