Bubbaroo Sleep Bag Review and Giveaway

Last week we received a box of goodies from the lovely people at Bubbaroo. We have been trying out their beautiful range of Joey Swag Platinum sleep bags. And we’re impressed.

I’m hoping that they have a magical ‘sleep all night’ setting. But that may be asking a little bit too much….

The bags are beautiful. They feel a little bit extra special from the start. Packaged up in a lovely gift box and tied with a bow.These would make a really special baby gift.

Why we love the Bubbaroo sleep bags:

• The bags are made from 100% breathable natural fibres. They feel so soft and cosy and are perfect for soft, baby skin.

• They come in a beautiful range of muted colours for a minimalist and elegant look. They fit in really well with the grey and cream palette In the twins’ nursery.

• I love that they are filled with 100% wool and are still machine washable.

• The sleep bags are a fantastic length. My boys have a Daddy who is 6’5 and their legs are already growing at a rapid rate so these bags are perfect and will hopefully last them a long time.

• You can buy matching Bubbaroo sleep toys. These are beautiful little joeys, all wrapped up in their own sleep bags. These have been a big hit with the boys.

• The zips down the centre of the bags are sturdy and easy to do up (even in the dark!)

• I absolutely love the clever travel system incorporated in the bags. There is an opening at the back of the bags so that you can use them with car seat / buggy harnesses. This will be perfect for evenings out when we need to try and successfully transfer two sleeping babies from the car to their cots. Not an easy task!

• The bags come in 3 tog ratings so you can choose what’s best for your home. We have been trying the 2.5 tog rating which will probably be fine all year round in Northern Ireland.

I always try and point out any product niggles that I can find but on this occasion, there isn’t anything that’s really jumping out.

So all in all, we’re really pleased with our new Bubbaroo sleep bags and can well and truly give them the twin mum stamp of approval!

Here’s your chance to win a Bubbaroo Sleep bag and a Joey toy: 


I have a beautiful sleeping bag (6-18 months) and joey toy to giveaway – just click below to enter. Good luck!  

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*Please note, these products were gifted to us by Bubbaroo for the purposes of this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

78 thoughts on “Bubbaroo Sleep Bag Review and Giveaway

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Swaddling always worked for mine when they were very small, then a cot mobile with a light display and a soft and soothing tune.

  2. maddalena dalton says:

    Try and relax as baby can feel your tension and make sure you both get out in the fresh air during the day xx

  3. Alica says:

    I always found swaddling worked on my twins when they were very young. A night time routine is also essential, a bath, a snuggle and reading a story etc.

  4. emma walters says:

    put a vest/muslin that you have been wearing/sleeping with to bed with baby so they can smell you and have comfort from it

  5. Gillian Hutchison says:

    Establishing a routine – for my children it is always feed, bath, fried and baby massage, feed swaddle and bed. It has worked so far and hope it will work with new baby when it arrives 🙂

  6. Deborah Bird says:

    A good routine at bed time and then keeping it dark and quiet during night time hours i.e. only put a dim light on and talk quietly when your baby wakes for feeding x

  7. Jean Vaughan says:

    Routine is the key- a calm organised routine of bath, cuddles, story and settle at a specific time is best for parent and baby.

  8. Michelle SJ Smith says:

    it’s definitely best to have a bedtime routine, cuddles and lullaby’s helped with all mine when they where small

  9. Gem Cook says:

    I find singing to our babies has always worked. A lullaby and stroking their hair sends them off into a deep relaxing sleep.
    I would love to win this amazing giveaway!
    Our baby girl is due next month.
    This would be perfect!
    Thank you for the chance ☺

  10. Bubbaroo says:

    This was a lovely review and we are really pleased to see that you and the boys are enjoying our products…glad they passed the ‘twin test’ 🙂

    The Bubbaroo Team xx

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