Bubbaroo Sleep Bag Review and Giveaway

Last week we received a box of goodies from the lovely people at Bubbaroo. We have been trying out their beautiful range of Joey Swag Platinum sleep bags. And we’re impressed.

I’m hoping that they have a magical ‘sleep all night’ setting. But that may be asking a little bit too much….

The bags are beautiful. They feel a little bit extra special from the start. Packaged up in a lovely gift box and tied with a bow.These would make a really special baby gift.

Why we love the Bubbaroo sleep bags:

• The bags are made from 100% breathable natural fibres. They feel so soft and cosy and are perfect for soft, baby skin.

• They come in a beautiful range of muted colours for a minimalist and elegant look. They fit in really well with the grey and cream palette In the twins’ nursery.

• I love that they are filled with 100% wool and are still machine washable.

• The sleep bags are a fantastic length. My boys have a Daddy who is 6’5 and their legs are already growing at a rapid rate so these bags are perfect and will hopefully last them a long time.

• You can buy matching Bubbaroo sleep toys. These are beautiful little joeys, all wrapped up in their own sleep bags. These have been a big hit with the boys.

• The zips down the centre of the bags are sturdy and easy to do up (even in the dark!)

• I absolutely love the clever travel system incorporated in the bags. There is an opening at the back of the bags so that you can use them with car seat / buggy harnesses. This will be perfect for evenings out when we need to try and successfully transfer two sleeping babies from the car to their cots. Not an easy task!

• The bags come in 3 tog ratings so you can choose what’s best for your home. We have been trying the 2.5 tog rating which will probably be fine all year round in Northern Ireland.

I always try and point out any product niggles that I can find but on this occasion, there isn’t anything that’s really jumping out.

So all in all, we’re really pleased with our new Bubbaroo sleep bags and can well and truly give them the twin mum stamp of approval!

Here’s your chance to win a Bubbaroo Sleep bag and a Joey toy: 


I have a beautiful sleeping bag (6-18 months) and joey toy to giveaway – just click below to enter. Good luck!  

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*Please note, these products were gifted to us by Bubbaroo for the purposes of this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Review of the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

When I was pregnant, I never even considered buying this as I had intended to breastfeed the twins. I read up on tandem breastfeeding techniques, bought a twin breastfeeding support pillow, watched lots of how-to clips and prepared for myself for a lot of time spent on the sofa! Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out like this. 

The boys were born very prematurely at 30 weeks, they were tiny and they were fed through a tube for 4 weeks (Benjamin) and 6 weeks (Harry.) They were so tiny that the logistics of breastfeeding was very difficult – they got tired very quickly and their little mouths were just too small. I expressed for the first 8 weeks but this also proved very difficult as despite pumping every 2 hours, my milk never properly came in. I was expressing maybe 20-30ml with each attempt. 

When we finally made the move to formula, some of the nurses in the neonatal unit told me about the Tommee Tippee perfect prep. I did some research and bought one before the boys arrived home. I never looked back and it is my second most useful / favourite baby purchase. First place is reserved for my pram – I love it! (You can read my review of the Uppababy Vista here!) 

So far, I think I’ve made about 2000 bottles for the twins over the course of the last 11 months! I miss it every time we stay over somewhere and I have to make a bottle the old-fashioned way!  


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – Reasons I love it 

• You can make a bottle in 2 minutes, at exactly the right temperature, ready to feed 

• It is so easy and straightforward to operate. My mum, who is a complete technophobe, has no difficulty using it! 

• You know that the bottle is exactly the right temperature. I find it hard to heat up feeds and know exactly when it is ready. The fear of scalding your baby is gone 

• When you are up multiple times in the night, this machine keeps the time you are out of bed to an absolute minimum 

• You can make a bottle with one hand – this is really important when you permanently have a baby on your hip!

 • You can use the machine with lots of different types of bottles – I use it with both Tommee Tippee and NUK bottles 

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep – A few niggles 

• The only thing I have found a tiny bit frustrating is the loud beep that comes from the machine when it is time to add the formula. It’s no issue during the day but I think it startled the babies a little when we were getting up for night feeds 

• You do need to order replacement filters for the machine – I’ve had to do this every 3 or 4 months but my usage is particularly high as I have twins. This isn’t really a niggle – just something you should take into account when purchasing 

In my opinion, this is a necessity for twin mums!! And a very handy piece of kit for anyone else! 

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**Please note, I have not been asked to provide a review of the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep and I purchased this machine myself. All views are my own.**

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Review of the Uppababy Vista 2015

Twin Mum Review of the Uppababy Vista 2015

As soon as I found out that I was pregnant with twins (at 21 weeks!) I spent a lot of time researching the best twin pram on the market. There’s not a huge choice of prams that are suitable for twins so the search was narrowed down pretty quickly to:

• UppaBaby Vista 2015
• iCandy Peach Twin
• Bugaboo Donkey Twin
• BabyJogger City Mini Double
• Out and About Nipper Double

The first decision was whether to buy a ‘side by side’ or an ‘in-line’ pram. I tried out the 3 ‘side by side’ prams in-store and read lots of online reviews. I quickly decided that they were just too bulky and unmanageable. None of them would have fitted through our front door whilst assembled and we would have trouble getting around any of our local shops. That meant our choice was down to the Uppababy Vista or the iCandy Peach. Both of which are very popular prams for singleton babies but also have the ability to convert into a twin.

At the outset, the Uppababy Vista probably had a slight advantage as I had heard so many first hand positive views on this pram from friends and family that had bought one. When I thought I was only expecting one baby, I was definitely intending on buying it! So when I found out we were expecting twins (at 20 weeks!) I was really pleased to learn that Uppababy were releasing the new Vista in early 2015 which could be configured for twins.

I tried both prams out and I really loved them both, both looked fantastic and were nice to push, with really comfy looking carrycots and seats. It was a hard decision but I opted for the Uppababy Vista in the end, mainly for its comparative ease to put up and down.


Best Features of the Uppababy Vista 2015

After 10 months of use, I absolutely love this pram. Here’s some of the reasons why:
• The carrycots were fantastic when the babies were small. They napped in them all day and because of the breathable base, they could even sleep in them overnight if we went away.

• The inner lining of the carrycot is soft and cosy. Most importantly, it’s fully washable. The entire lining of the carrycot can be removed for washing. We had two refluxy babies that vomited a lot so this was very useful. They washed up really well each time and it was fairly straightforward to put the lining back in.

• The carrycots are larger than normal and the babies were in the cots until they were about 6 months old.

• The rain-covers for the carrycots are really easy to pop on and off and there are two handy pouches in the basket where you can store them.

• Really comfortable to push. I walk about 3 miles a day with the boys and have always found the Uppababy vista very comfortable to push. The wheels are very sturdy and easy to manoeuvre.

• Large basket for picking up daily essentials. The basket space is restricted by the second carrycot/seat but it’s still larger than most prams.

• My husband is very tall (6’5) so the extendable handle was a big selling point. It extends with one simple click and makes pushing the pram very comfortable for him too.

• Easy to manoeuvre around our local shops and coffee houses. I can even manage to get a twin pram on and off the bus when I want to ditch the car!

• The twins are now in the pram seats and they love them. The straps are easy to use and the seats are nice and deep.

The pram seats are so easy to change position – you can do it with one hand. They fully recline when you want your baby to sleep.

• The brake on the pram is very easy to operate, it’s even flip flop friendly!

• The car-seat adaptors are very useful indeed for short trips when you don’t went to haul two carrycots with you!

• After 10 months of heavy use, it still looks brand new with the exception of a few small scratches.

Niggles of the Uppababy Vista 2015
My one and only small gripe is that I don’t like the rain–covers for the pram seats. They go on and off easily but they are not great quality. Just a little too flimsy. My twins like to poke their fingers through the air holes in the rain-cover and I don’t think it’ll be long before there is a tear in the cover. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the pram which is evidently built to last with a sturdy frame and parts.

Uppababy Vista 2015 – Should you buy it?

Buying a twin pram is a big decision, requiring serious expenditure so make sure you know what features you want before you commit! After 10 months of constant use, I would whole heartedly recommend the UppaBaby Vista. I love it and am absolutely convinced I made the right purchase.

**Please note, I have not been asked to provide a review of the UppaBaby vista and I purchased this pram myself. All views are my own.**

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