Happy Birthday my beautiful little miracles

I can’t believe that we’ve had our babies for one whole year. I’ve been looking back at the thousands of photos that we’ve accumulated this year and I’ve been choking back the tears. They have come so far.

Benjamin was 3lbs 5oz when he was born. From day 1 he thrived, we watched him gradually put on ounce after ounce in the neonatal unit and 5 weeks after he was born, we got to bring him home. We were such proud parents. I was standing at the front of the hospital, waiting for Mr C to bring the car around beaming with pride. But one half of my heart was breaking, weeping for his little brother that we had to leave behind. One year on and Benjamin is such a little joy. He’s making lovely little sounds, learning to clap his hands and zipping around the kitchen in his car. Happy Birthday my beautiful Benjamin, I love you more than you’ll ever know.


Harry was a teeny 1lb and 12oz when we was born. He was a little fighter from the outset. His tiny, wrinkled little body, kicking away in the incubator. We were willing him to lie and sleep. To conserve his energy and to put on some weight. He had a long and fraught stay in hospital with two very serious bouts of infection and then open heart surgery. But he was our wonderful little fighter. With the help and care of so many fabulous doctors and nurses, he managed to make it home at 13 weeks, weighing only 4lbs. One year on and Harry is a live wire – he’s always ready for a giggle and loves nothing more than a house full of people. We were so proud when Harry managed to sit up on his own two weeks ago. He’s come so far and brought us so much joy. Happy Birthday my lovely Harry, I love you more than you’ll ever know.


I don’t think I could ever have anticipated the extent of love that I feel for these two little boys. From the second I heard their two beautiful little cries in the operating theatre, I was besotted. I love our little family. We’ve had so many simple moments of joy as we watch our babies grow and discover new things every  

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