Mission Healthy Mum –  Week 6 

So it’s six weeks into my no-diet healthy lifestyle. And drum-roll please….. I’ve lost a grand total of 9lbs.  

I’m not going to be disappearing through the grating just yet (!) and it’s not super rapid weightloss. BUT I’m not on a diet. I’m not counting calories. I’m not working out how many points/syns are in every morsel of food I eat. I’m just making healthier choices, eating when I’m hungry and avoiding snacks when I’m not. And I am losing weight. This feels like a good equation.  

We’ve had a few beautiful days recently which has helped up my activity levels. Frosty and calm with glorious blue skies and sunshine. It feels like Spring is on its way and I can’t wait! It’s so much more tempting to head out for big long walks when you know that you’re not going to be wet and mushy after 10 minutes. I get plenty of walking in everyday when I’m looking after the boys but we don’t tend to do quite so much on winter weekends. So as Spring approaches, I’m looking forward to some more active weekends and hopefully a few beautiful beach walks.  

My SlimPod Journey 

Quick reminder – I’m testing the SlimPod Gold Programme from Thinking Slimmer. It’s a 9 minute podcast which you listen to every day – it uses unconscious persuasion to help change the way you think about yourself and what you eat. Thinking Slimmer say this about the SlimPod:  

“Day by day it retrains your brain so you instinctively make healthier choices, want to eat less and move more – perfect for lasting weight loss.”

I’ve now been listening to the SlimPod every evening for 6 weeks. It’s so hard to quantify what effect it’s having on my healthy living intentions. Am I making healthier choices because I’ve made up my mind to do it? Or because my thinking pattern is being influenced unconsciously by the SlimPod? It’s impossible to know. My husband remains sceptical.  

I am still undecided. What I do know is: 

• I’m losing weight but I’m not dieting  

• I feel positive that I can and will continue to do so

• I find the SlimPod and the complementary ChillPod and FitPod very relaxing to listen to

I should also add. Despite Mr C’s scepticism, he is still listening and he has lost 5lbs!  

This is no quick-fix solution. The challenge for me is to keep living healthily. (With the odd blip.) And more importantly, not to not be seduced by the next super-dooper faddy diet that I read about.  

No more weighing for me for another 6 weeks. But I’ll be back then to update on my progress!  

I’m going to be using the hashtag #missionhealthymum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to track my progress, so come join me if you are also on a mission to lose the mummy tummy in 2016.

**I have been given complementary access to the SlimPod programme from Thinking Slimmer. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. This blog posts contains affiliate links to Thinking Slimmer Products. This means that If you buy a product through this link, I get paid a commission but the product does not cost you any more**

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