Mission Healthy Mum – 3 Week Update

It’s Day 21 of Mission Healthy Mum. 3 weeks into my mission to adopt a healthier lifestyle and I’m actively enjoying it. I really am! I’ve been eating well (read – substantially less) and getting out walking a lot. 

It’s hard to break habits that have been formed over decades but I’m really trying to avoid getting into the ‘I’m on a diet’ mentality. Because for me that means there’s an end point or the odd ‘bad’ day. And those are catastrophic to my waistline. So I haven’t been cutting out all treats – I’ve had the odd slice of left-over Christmas Cake, chocolate biscuit or glass of wine. I think the fact that I know I can have something nice if I really want it, probably means that I don’t necessarily want it quite so much. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Ironically, I think I’ve eaten less in the last three weeks compared to weeks in the past where I’ve been on a calorie counting diet plan (Slimming World or Weight Watchers.) I think that’s mainly because I know that I can have whatever I want, if I’m hungry. But also because I’m not obsessing about every morsel that goes in my mouth, writing it down and counting syns or points.

Usually by now I would have jumped on the scales to see if I’ve managed to lose a few pounds. This time however, I’m avoiding the scales for the first 6 weeks. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was trying out the SlimPod from Thinking Slimmer . As part of the SlimPod programme, they encourage you not to be constantly weighing and measuring but rather to measure your success by your clothes getting looser. The logic being that we often get depressed if the scales don’t show a large enough loss which can be enough to thwart our efforts to be healthy. Or for others, a big weight loss can be an excuse to eat as a reward.

I can’t say I’ve not be tempted to weigh but I’ve avoided it so far. I think not jumping on the scales all the time is also helping me to shake the diet mentality.


So, when push comes to shove, am I any healthier now than I was 3 weeks ago?

I think so. I’m certainly not going to go out and run a marathon (I don’t ever aspire to do that!) But I do feel like all the healthy eating and exercise has given me a bit of an energy boost. Unfortunately this seems to be wane at about 7pm when a long night of baby settling to bed is staring me in the face!

Compared to my Day 1 measurements, I have shrunk by 22.5 cm or 8.5 inches in total. Of that 22.5cm, I was quite pleased that I had 10cm off my waist. Although these measurements aren’t exactly that scientific – it’s hard to tell exactly where I measured previously. I haven’t noticed a massive loosening in my clothes but they definitely aren’t pinching like they were after Christmas.

SlimPod – is it helping me with my healthy aspirations?  

I have to be honest. The first time I lay down on the sofa, got comfy and started listening to the SlimPod I felt a bit silly. Listening intently to some bloke tell me things that I already know. I’m also prone to a healthy dose of cynicism so I was listening carefully to every word, analysing the content for anything a bit strange. It seems too easy – spend 9 minutes a day listening to a recording and magically get slimmer. Things that seem too good to be true, generally are.

I’m only 3 weeks in and I’m not going to say unequivocally that this is a game changer when it comes to getting healthy and shedding some pounds. I’m going to keeping ‘podding’ along and let the results speak for themselves. Here comes the but.

But, I think there are differences with my experience of the last 3 weeks compared to any previous attempt to diet:

• I haven’t felt like I’m stuck on a boring diet, living for the next treat

• I’ve enjoyed the odd piece of cake etc without thinking that I’d ruined my attempt at a healthy lifestyle and therefore writing the whole day off as a ‘bad’ day

• I genuinely haven’t been as taken up with food in general

• I’ve made myself cups of tea/coffee without having a snack (this is unheard of for me!)

Whether these are as a result of my deliberate intention to get healthy without being on a diet or whether it’s as a result of listening to the SlimPod, I honestly don’t know. But one thing for sure, I’m not going to stop listening anytime soon!

How is Mr C getting along with his get-healthy mission?

He is plodding along with the slimpods and is as yet uncommittal about what he thinks. But he has lost 8cm, so he’s happy to keep going. He’s a busy busy bee at the minute so has promised a proper update in 3 weeks time when he hits the scales.

I’ll be back in 3 weeks time with my next update!

I’m going to be using the hashtag #missionhealthymum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to track my progress, so come join me if you are also on a mission to lose the mummy tummy in 2016.

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Mission Healthy Mum

Today I stopped dieting. Twenty-two years later and my 12 year old slightly pudgy body has morphed into a mass of wobbly bits. I am determined to be fitter and healthier and my journey starts today.  

I have tried every diet known to man –some of them for half a day, some for months and a few on and off for years. Some with success and some without. I have lost a lot of weight along the way but have put every ounce back on again and added a few stone to boot. This pattern of on and off dieting really isn’t working.

 It takes me a few weeks to ‘build up’ the mental energy and commitment to start each new diet and each time, I spend the in-between weeks eating way too much. I justify it with thoughts of how much I will lose once I start this next new diet. This new diet that will transform my body and mean that I never need to count calories/syns/points again. Honestly, who am I trying to kid?

I have lost significant amounts of weight before but I never manage to keep it off. I just settle back into old eating habits. I love good food and enjoy cooking and baking. I don’t eat rubbish – I never buy ready meals and we tend to eat tasty, fresh, relatively healthy meals. The trouble is we simply eat more of them than we actually need. I also have a very sweet tooth and I love nothing more than a coffee and a yummy traybake. (Traybakes or sticky buns are something that we Northern Irishers are very good at. Too good at.)

Having two babies at once hasn’t helped matters. I never used to carry weight on my tummy and all of a sudden, I have a serious mummy tummy. A twin mummy tummy. It needs to go.

I’ve decided that the only way to stop this mania is to stop dieting forever. No more see-sawing between 500 calorie a day hell and eating far too much rubbish. No more ‘being good’ today and falling off the wagon tomorrow. I’m just going to focus on eating good, nutritious food that I enjoy, when I’m hungry and getting out walking as much as possible. Sounds simple. And sensible. Doesn’t it?

My challenge is to live by the ‘everything in moderation’ mantra. Something my mum, in her wisdom (and size 10 jeans) has been advocating for years.

My journey starts right here, right now. I’m going to weigh and measure myself this morning and then every 4 weeks from here on in. Mr C is going to join me on my healthy mission. So maybe I’ll report back on both of us!

I’m also going to be trying out the SlimPod from Thinking Slimmer – I’m hoping that it will complement my efforts to get healthy and shed my excess pounds. I really really want to avoid the lure of a faddy new diet that inevitably fails. I think the SlimPod sounds like a step in a new and more positive direction. From what I’ve read about it, it addresses the link between how we think about food and what we eat instead of focusing on long lists of food that you can and cannot eat.

Thinking Slimmer describe the Slim Pod as:

“…a nine-minute podcast which transforms the way you feel about food and yourself – and it breaks the perpetual diet-fail cycle. Day by day it retrains your brain so you instinctively make healthier choices, want to eat less and move more – perfect for lasting weight loss.”

It’s a big claim. And I really hope it works for me!

I’m going to be using the hashtag #missionhealthymum on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to track my progress, so come join me if you are also on a mission to lose the mummy tummy in 2016.

The question is – am I the oddity or do diets work for anyone?

**I have been given complementary access to the SlimPod programme from Thinking Slimmer. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.**

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