The Best Chocolatey Crispy Buns (Ever)

We had some afternoon tea style 1st birthday celebrations for the boys at the weekend. We feasted on delicate sandwiches, miniature raspberry and white chocolate scones and rose bellinis (adults only!). But no first birthday party would be complete without the humble crispy bun.

Forget the crispy buns of days gone by made with waxy cooking chocolate. These are gooey, nougaty, chocolately delights.  

They are moreishly delicious and really really really easy. Too easy. Here goes.



 6 standard (65g) Mars Bars  
200g Butter

200g Rice Crispies

250g Milk Chocolate

• Break up the milk chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl, over a saucepan of boiling water. Turn off the heat source and let it melt slowly. This means it won’t burn and you can get on with the bun making

• Chop up the Mars Bars and melt slowly in a heavy based saucepan, with the butter (you should stand and stir this mixture as it melts, it can burn quite easily and burnt Mars Bar doesn’t make for good buns!)

• Add the Rice Crispies and coat with the Mars Bar and butter mixture

• Press into a 20cm x 20cm tin ( If you want the buns to be less thick, you can use a 20cm x 30cm tin

• Cover with your now melted chocolate

• Let them set for 4-5 hours (not in the fridge) and then cut into chunks

Please hold back on judging my credentials as a proper foodie for posting a recipe for chocolate crispy buns until you taste these. 
**This recipe comes with a health warning. Only attempt these bad boys if you have a crowd to feed. You may otherwise consume an inordinate amount of calories**

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