Twins By Numbers

We’re going to be celebrating the boy’s 1st Birthday next week.That means we’ve had two babies for 12 whole months. I can’t quite believe it. Here’s our year in numbers: 

1 blue line

150+ dry crackers consumed

13 suspicious co-workers

1 very large bump

21 weeks until we knew we were having twins

2 petrified parents to be

1 deadly disease

1 emergency in-utero laser surgery in London

2.5 litres of amniotic fluid drained from my womb

2 little miracles

19 agonising antenatal appointments

775 approximate number of times I googled TTTS

8 trips to the toilet every night

72 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy watched post surgery

55 pear picking porky ice-lollies licked

2 steroid injections to help mature two tiny sets of lungs

22 hospital staff present in the delivery suite

2 beautiful baby boys born

10 weeks too early

1 besotted new mum

1 very proud new dad

2 little cosy incubators

0 cuddles with my babies on the day they were born

10 beeping monitors in NICU

2 beautiful faces

4 little hands for mummy to hold through the portholes

5 long weeks of going home every night without my beautiful babies

14 hours a day spent in an armchair in the neonatal unit

1 bittersweet night of bringing my eldest twin home

8 more heart-breaking weeks of leaving my little twin on his own in a hospital ward

4 return trips to ICU for Harry when he picked up infections and struggled to breathe

1 awful moment when the cardiologist told me that Harry needed open heart surgery

4 the number of lbs Harry needed to weigh before they would operate

2 air ambulance journeys for our little family

10 days spent in Westminster at Evelina Children’s Hospital

1 celebrity paediatrician – CBEEBIES Dr Ranj!

4 painful hours waiting whilst Harry was in surgery

48hrs post op spent sucking Daddy’s finger before Harry was allowed food

1 amazing day when we reunited our little family at home

2 happy little brothers

16 bottles a day for the first 4 months

4 nightly feeding sessions

2200+ bottles made in the first year

200+ projectile vomits over a 3 month period

1 very exasperated mum, dripping with puke

60 loads of washing each month

6400+ smiles from 2 very happy babies

5,824 nappy changes in the first year

32 baby books that elicit squeals of delight everyday

1,134 messy spoon feeds

4 little teeth that have made it through

Endless cuddles

2 bundles of joy

2 permanently shattered but very happy parents

12 months that have totally changed our lives forever

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One thought on “Twins By Numbers

  1. Kaye says:

    This teared me up! Everything you all have been through but of course, so worth it for your beautiful boys! Happy first birthday to them! 21 weeks until you found out too, did they not catch them at the first scan? Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo

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