Vomit in stereo – How to cope with the boke

My boys are generally very contented little men. They smile and gurgle and giggle as they roll around on the play mat. But they are vomiters. Both of them. I’m not talking a little mouthful of milk here and there. Proper projectile vomit – the stuff that redecorates a room in 5 seconds. Everyone and everything in the wrong place is soaked in smelly sour milk and the contents of the last meal. It’s really quite horrible.
I can’t deal with any more of the stuff. Months and months of daily vomit disasters. Looking after twins on your own is hard work but the addition of projectile vomit grows the workload exponentially. I feel like I’m constantly changing the babies clothes, changing my clothes, repeating ‘lost’ feeds, bathing pukey babies, scrubbing carpets etc. etc. It’s a soul sapping cycle.

Then you have to deal with all the well-meaning advice that anyone with an iota of common sense (I’m counting myself in this number!) would have obviously already tried. Comments like ‘maybe you are over feeding them’ are just not helpful.

Apparently it will stop eventually, or so everyone says, but until then, these are the ways that I’m trying to keep my sanity through the vomit cloud:

Laugh. Getting annoyed and upset about it will just make you feel worse. Have a giggle as the vomit soaks through your T-shirt and down your bra. Then just get on with cleaning up!
Thankfully the puking doesn’t upset the boys to much – once they’ve shot the arc of vomit as far as possible, they usually have a big grin on their vomit covered face. It’s super cute. After the sixth vomit of the day, the ‘just laugh’ thing gets harder!

Have a dressing gown handy. I leave a dressing gown nearby so I can strip off all the vomity clothes there and then and pop on my dressing gown so I can sort out the baby as quickly as possible.

Invest in a tumble-dryer. This is hands down the best decision we’ve made in months. The volume of washing and clothes airing out over radiators after a day on the washing line was really getting to me. This just makes life so much easier. I still dry as much as I can on the washing line but for rainy, cold days the tumble dryer is a life saver.

Give visitors an apron. If you want your lovely friends and family to come back and keep helping you out, give them an apron!!! No-one wants to drive home in stinky vomit soaked clothes.

Do not, under any circumstance, play ‘aeroplanes’ with your baby up to an hour post feed. I still require counselling after H vomited into my mouth and over my face whilst I held him up in the air playing aeroplanes over my face! Totally vile. Eurghhhh.

Here’s hoping that the vomiting is going to stop very very very soon. If you have a cure (!) or just some more survival tips, let me know!

* If you are worried about your child’s vomiting, please speak to a doctor. The tips above will not address any medical issues – they will simply help save your sanity!

***Edit – The boys are now 9 months and the huge volume of projectile vomiting seems to have stopped. We didn’t want to celebrate too soon but we have now had almost two weeks free of projectile vomit. Take hope if you are in the midst of vomit hell!***



2 thoughts on “Vomit in stereo – How to cope with the boke

  1. Alyson says:

    I understand and sympathise wholeheartedly. I too am a new mum of 3 month old twins (boy&girl) and they both played that very messy boking game for a while too. Still do, more infrequent now thank heavens. I am in absolute awe of your ability to find time to bake, cook, photograph and even find time to write about it to reassure others?! You’re a superwoman and goddess combined!!! Dying to ask a barrage of questions but really wanted to just say, wow – good work!!!!!😊👍🏻 xo

    • ToldByMum says:

      Aww thanks Alyson! I only started the blog when the boys hit about 7 months and to be honest it rarely gets more than about 45 mins of each day! It does get a bit easier when they go down to bed at 730ish and suddenly you have evenings back. Unfortunately, I’ve been back in boke-land again with the boys as they both have coughs which trigger more boking… really hope it stops soon! It’s always good to chat to another Twin Mum! Sx

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