World Prematurity Day – Meet Our Little Rays of Hope

Meet my beautiful little Harry. He was born at 30 weeks, weighing in at 1lb and 14oz after a struggle with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). He spent a long 13 weeks in neonatal; it was a difficult journey and he battled various serious infections. Little Harry also underwent open heart surgery at 11 weeks for a coarctation of the aorta and a further surgery for a hernia at 20 weeks. He’s our little warrior hero and he’s such a contented, happy little chap. He brings a ray of light to everyone that meets him.  

This is Harry’s identical twin brother, Benjamin. My beautiful little Benjamin was also born at 30 weeks. He was a lot bigger than his brother but still a teeny little tot, weighing 3lbs and 6oz. Benjamin is also a champion survivor of TTTS and he spent the first 5 weeks of his life in neonatal. Benjamin had a much easier NICU journey – he sailed through from the beginning and once he reached 4.5lbs we were allowed to bring him home. Separating the two brothers was so hard but their reunion was a very very happy day! Benjamin is full of fun, always ready to have a giggle and loves nothing more than a good snuggle.

After a very difficult pregnancy and introduction to parenthood, our boys have brought so much joy to Mr C and I in the last 10 months. They are our little rays of light. On World Prematurity Day, we want to share some hope with other parents with babies that have been born very early. 

*I hear them rousing from their morning nap, so the wonderful chaos and craziness that is life with twins will resume presently!

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4 thoughts on “World Prematurity Day – Meet Our Little Rays of Hope

  1. laura dove says:

    Ohhhh I am so happy that you’re little boys are healthy and happy. Three of my five were premature and the youngest two spent time in neonatal and I remember how hard it was and how it felt like there would never be a day we would get to bring them home. Thank you for sharing! #MarvMondays

  2. Kaye says:

    Oh, your beautiful boys are gorgeous and thankyou so much for telling your story! Twins run in my family and though I’d love to be blessed with multiples, I do worry about giving birth prematurely so stories like this go a long way to easing the mind of worriers like me! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Would love to see you again next week. Kaye xo

    • sarahcampbell says:

      Thanks Kaye – you must be very nervous at that first scan with twins running in the family! Lots of people have full-term twin pregnancies and fraternal twins (that run in families) are prone to a lot less complications than identical twins. Sarah x

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